Adnan Sami: Absolutely crazy!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 15 -- Adnan Sami isn't an amused man these days. The singer-composer doesn't want to be clubbed - as reportedly done by Pakistani media - with Pakistani singer Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who has been in the news after being arrested in Delhi airport for carrying undeclared foreign currency.

"It's absolutely crazy," says Adnan. "I have been living in Mumbai - my 'karmbhoomi' - as a law-abiding citizen for ten years now. And I have always paid my taxes and followed all the rules. So, how can I be compared to anyone else? Because unlike others, I am not coming to India, doing work and flying out with the money."

The 'Kabhi to nazar milao...' singer further adds, "Mumbai is my home now. Besides using my creativity and making songs here, I invest whatever money I make back in the country." In fact, Adnan has already applied for an Indian passport and is confident that he will be an Indian citizen soon.

Interestingly, even as Sami makes news about his tryst with Enforcement Directorate (ED), the Institute of Economic Studies has just conferred him with the Glory of India award. For the time being, Sami is excited about "new things" in life. To start with, Lomani has just launched a perfume named after him. "It surely feels good but you don't make a checklist at the start of your career saying, 'I want a perfume after my name,'" he laughs.

Also, Adnan is excited about his new album, Main Tere Paas Hun for which he has partnered with Yash Raj Films. For the first time, he has sung a sufi number in the album besides a Punjabi track. Also, the album will have a simple Azaan and a lullaby too.

"Since I am making music again, I am happy in my little cocoon. It feels great to be back in the recording studios," says Sami, who has been in the news recently for his problems with ex-wife Sabah, and his father's death .