Aditya Panscholi plays Nari Hira in his comeback film Raftaar 24/7


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Decades ago media baron Nari Hira had launched Aditya Panscholi as a leading man in Shingora. Now Panscholi who is on a comeback trail, is all set to pay homage to his mentor.

In his new ready-for-release film Raftaar 24/7, Panscholi stars as a media baron who believes sensational stories are the order of the day. Says Aditya, "I wouldn't say the role is homage to Nari Hira, it's modeled on him. The stress on news-worthiness is what I've borrowed from him. The rest of the character's hunger for sensational headline is entirely fictitious. But yes, we're living in an era of sensationalism. People are willing to do anything to be noticed," says the actor who three decades ago got himself shot in the buff for a film monthly. Laughs the actor who will also be seen in David Dhawan's Hook Ya Crook, "Ya, what a sensation that created. It was for Rita Mehta in Cine Blitz. My family was scandalized. Some of them disowned me. And looking back I think I went a little too far."

Given the chance again, Aditya says he wouldn't do a nude photo-session now. "There's a daughter and there's a lovely wife at home I've to think of. I've to keep their dignity in mind. And who's this young girl whose company I'm keeping these days? Please introduce me to her. I haven't been with a young girl for two years now," Aditya winks.

About the role in Raftaar, Aditya says, "I play this media tycoon who invents news to keep his paper on the top. Emraan Hashmi plays my protégée. And I must tell you, I enjoyed working with him. He's so focused on his work, so free of nonsense. He does his work and doesn't bother with what others do."

Raftaar 24/7 is produced by Percept Pictures and directed by Shamim Desai, the guy who once upon a time partnered Dino Morea in his production house and was going to direct Dino's first directorial venture. So what went wrong between Dino and Shamim? Aditya Panscholi has no clue. And he doesn't care. "I've decided to do my work. I've lost oodles of weight and I'm ready for my second innings."

Aditya's daughter is also ready to be finally launched. "It's a very big set-up. Zarina and I wanted to wait for the right banner for Sana."