Adah Sharma shoots in London for Vikram Bhatt's Phir


By Devansh Patel, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Few actresses enjoy the kind of success Adah Sharma saw in her debut film 1920, a horror flick directed by Vikram Bhatt shot extensively in Yorkshire, UK. Touted as the Hindi Film Industry's youngest and cutest faces around, she is currently cold. That's because she is again shooting in five degrees of chilly, windy and rainy weather conditions of the U.K for her second film titled Phir with co-star Rajneesh Duggal. The only difference is that the film is not directed by Vikram Bhatt, he is only producing it. The person in the director's chair is going to be Girish Dhamija. So what is Adah up to in New Castle? To find out more, we got in touch with the actress who was busy on the sets of her latest film, eating U.K's favourite jacket potatoes with beans and cheese with a glass of orange juice. "I am a vegetarian and the only food available at this time for me was a jacket potato. But because it is so cold here, this dish comes piping hot, and every half an hour I have a glass of hot water as I don't have any tea or coffee. Actually I am now used to all this as I've been in this routine since 1920", she says humorously.

So while having her lunch, the actress was touched by couple of incidents which she witnessed. No wonder she sounded excited, "I love animals and seeing these huge horses with their legs as big as my height is pretty impressive. There was a big fat white cat here who was completely drenched in the rain. So I gave her some milk. Quickly responding to my sweet gesture she came next to my boots and sat down. She even started playing hide-n-seek with me. Every time I tried to find her she used to go behind the car."

Having worked with the director and her co-actor the actress also shares her second time company with the United Kingdom. How very strange? "Yes it is. It's strange to know that I am the only actress who has shot her first two films in the U.K and not in India", Adah replies.

But even strange is the fact that though she is getting used to the food she is still not getting used to the unpredictable weather of the country, to which the petite actress comments, "I've arrived since a week in the U.K and the weather is driving me mad. The day we landed at the airport, it was cold and windy. We've got the majority of our film shoot in New Castle which is up North of England and on our first day of the shoot it was raining, then one day the temperature was mild, then the next day is sunny and today it's freezing. We had to shoot in one of the castles for four days but that too got delayed." A moaning Adah Sharma. On top of that, a bad weather. So is her next film Phir a horror flick too? She laughs and answers "No not again. Don't worry. I won't scare you this time. Phir is a pacy thriller drama but that's all I can reveal as of now."

Interestingly, Adah is so busy with her schedule this time around that she cannot even invite her good friend who stays in London to meet her all the way to New Castle. "My friend wants to book her train tickets to come and meet me but because I am so busy and can't commit to her, I don't want to give false promises".

In the days to come, Adah will only get busier, what with the action sequences still to be shot and some dance numbers, but the actress did take some time out to send Bollywood Hungama some exclusive pictures of her from the film. What's unique is that the outfits of Phir are hand picked by Vikram Bhatt himself. Reveals the actress, "Yes, it's true. Vikram sir has done the outfits for the film. He personally shopped for everyone from London. He had a very clear look for Phir in his mind and I am open to trying any new look in this film too".

So what's the new look of Adah Sharma going to be like? I bet the same people who had their eyes wide shut while watching 1920 will have their eyes wide open this time around while watching Phir. "My look in the film is really grungy yet very interesting. Loose oversized jackets with skirts and boots. The colour combo also is very unusual. Brown boots, red muffler, purple skirt, violet stockings, grey top and blue-green overcoat".

Well, with so many colours added to her outfits, we hope that Adah Sharma and her team come out with flying colours after the release of Phir. And of course, good luck with the weather and jacket potatoes Adah! Hope both keep you as hot as your pics above.