Adah Sharma features on the cover of Avant Garde Life


By Devansh Patel Bollywood Hungama News Network

"You can opt for natural and dainty or stay bare,
or be garish and gaudy and have fake hair,
it doesn't matter what you do,
as long as your 'adah' is alive in you!"

If you think being a cover girl for a lifestyle magazine is an unachievable pipe dream, this proves it's not. The above short poem or a rhyme, whatever you call it, is written by the newest cover girl Adah Sharma. Now let's admit it, to become a cover girl (for any magazine) is an honour. Instead of typical high fashion models which are primarily suitable for runway modeling, magazines enforce a commercial look, a commercial celebrity that'll sell their glossy pages. Welcome Adah Sharma to the newest form of art - the cover. She features on this month's cover of Avant Garde Life.

Adah quotes, "It's my first fashion shoot. The cover is about a dazzling diva, the arc lights shining brightly at her, staring at her and she's staring back at them strongly. Her eyes are confident, constant, decided and doubtless. She's chic and snazzy and oozes charisma from every pore, and with all that heavy metal she's wearing, yes she's a rockstar!"

She adds, "To me 'style' you have to be born with...'Fashion' can be bought. While fashion keeps changing every month, style is eternal. Your style is your 'adah'. You can buy all the fashionable stuff from everywhere on the planet but if you don't have the right 'adah' you can go all wrong. I love being well dressed, dressed in all the loveliest clothes but if you lack poise and grace, you can't flaunt your clothes off. Style is my way of life, it's ingrained in the way I walk and talk. I breathe in style, eat, think, sleep and even sneeze in style. Every cell in my body has in it a different 'adah'."

This is definitely one mag to pick up from the stands to know more about Adah Sharma.