Abhishek Kapoor: 'People should write their own movies'


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, March 6 -- Abhishek Kapoor's film might have hit the jackpot - that rare breed of Bollywood cinema that gets the critics' approval and the box office numbers.

But a week into its release, it ran into controversy, with some criticising Abhishek's depiction of the 2002 Gujarat riots. On Twitter, some have called the film pro Narendra Modi; a New York Times India blog post went on say that ""Kai Po Che" is scrubbed of the "divisive politics" of "3 Mistakes," the book it is based on (sic)".

Kapoor defends his film. How would you react to criticism that the film glosses over the Gujarat riots.

The film is purely about friendship and, all along, the story stays with the characters. If I get into who caused the riots, that's a separate movie altogether. If people think so strongly about who did what in the riots, then they should write their own movies, instead of trying to hijack my film. There are films like Parzania (2005) and Firaaq (2008) that deal with the issue at its core. The riots in my film run parallel to the story of three friends and I need not go on about it.