Abhinav Kashyap: Shah Rukh, Aamir, Hrithik, or Akshay..


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 11 -- Abhinav Kashyap confirms that he will be producing his second film in association with Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Movie Temple Productions Pvt Ltd. He denies having signed on Shah Rukh Khan for the action-comedy but doesn't rule out the possibility of working with Bollywood's 'badshah'.

"It could be Shah Rukh, Aamir (Khan), Hrithik (Roshan) or Akshay (Kumar)," says Abhinav, who's still working on the script. "Only after I finish writing will I approach one of these actors. Whoever confirms, I'll rework the script to suit his personality. It'll definitely be one of these top-of-the-line stars."

The director admits that he's met Shah Rukh last October: "There was nothing hush hush about the visit. Shah Rukh invited me over last October after seeing Dabangg. I walked in through the front door," he reminisces. "I haven't spoken to Shah Rukh since. If I have something suitable for him, I'll approach him. I too deserve to work with him, like everyone else."

Abhinav, however, refutes rumours that he opted out of Dabangg 2 to work with SRK, and shrugs off brother Anurag's backlash against Arbaaz Khan, followed by a muted apology when he learnt the truth. He reasons that since his brother was away in Dhanbaad shooting for Gangs Of Wassepur, he didn't know that Abhinav had voluntarily stepped out of the project.

"He reacted because he suspected foul play. But when I explained things to him, he issued a clarification. My decision has nothing to do with Shah Rukh, there's still nine months to go before Dabangg 2 starts. I informed Arbaaz well in advance so he has a backup plan ready. I'm very confident that he will make a good film," asserts the Dabangg director.

Salman Khan doesn't figure in Abhinav's wish list for his second directorial venture, but he says that he could direct his Dabangg hero again. "Salman is currently busy with Ready and Bodyguard, and then, he will be doing Dabangg 2 with Arbaaz and another home-production with Sohail," he points out. "So, it's unlikely that we'll get together before two years but I'm still signed on for another film with Arbaaz's production house."