Abhay Deol features in the latest issue of People


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Socha Na Tha was the movie that needs to be blamed for making the film Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! a smash hit. Well, to say it in other words, it was Socha Na Tha that gave Bollywood a hero who was truly, madly, dedicated to doing something different in Bollywood, that his fans made it a point to make every film of his a smash hit!

Well, we are referring to none other than Dev D's hero, who dared to redefine the quintessential Bollywood hero with his superlative acting skills in all his films. It is this dude whose 'ocular flirting' can be witnessed in the latest issue of 'People'. This interview of Abhay is one amongst the best in the recent times. It serves as a torch to the myth that Abhay is a very casual and carefree guy, as it shows the 'serious' side of the actor. Recently, he announced to the world that he is taking a sabbatical from Bollywood to go to New York and learn 'welding'. Well, that's Abhay for you. In this issue, he tells the real reason behind him going to the Big Apple. He also talks about his forthcoming films and much, much more.

Overall, this issue serves as refreshing lemon water to the parched throats of the summer-struck readers. Way to go, Abhay!