Abhay Deol: Didn't recommend Preeti


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Oct. 11 -- Abhay Deol's girlfriend, Preeti Desai, has joined the cast of the zom-com Rock The Shaadi. But contrary to rumours, it wasn't her beau who recommended her to director Navdeep Singh for the cameo. It was Preeti herself who insisted that she wanted to be cast in the part.

Abhay points out that there are lots of scripts lying around the house and Preeti sometimes picks one up to read while waiting for him. This was one of them and, like him, she loved it. "She found it hilarious and told Navdeep, who had dropped by, that she'd like to play the role of the NRI because it was cool and fun," reminisces the actor.

Abhay admits that their director friend was surprised by Preeti's request. The actor has been offered heroine roles after her Bollywood debut opposite Sendhil (Ramamurthy) in Shor In The City. Navdeep pointed out that her good looks and background (she's a model-turned-actor who was crowned Miss Great Britain in 2006), meant she fit the part to a T, though Genelia (D'Souza) was the female lead. "But Preeti insisted she wouldn't mind doing a cameo for a laugh," says Abhay.

He admits that in many ways his steady date is like him, following her instincts rather than trying to be in the 'right projects'. "May be it's a somewhat naive and idealistic approach to a competitive career but since I took the route myself and have never regretted it, I encourage her to do the same," reasons Abhay.

The film revolves around a big fat Punjabi meets Zombie wedding and Abhay insists that it's one of the finest scripts he's ead. He adds that Dibakar and Navdeep are the two directors he's always wanted to work with again. "It's interesting that three years after Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008), Dibakar and I have just wrapped up our second film, Shanghai. And four years after Manorama Six Feet Under (2007), Navdeep and I are all set to flag off our next movie, Rock The Shaadi, by the end of the month. I've been part of it from the prep stage, but never had I imagined that Preeti would be a part of it too," he says. "But I have to agree that she's perfect for the part. Welcome to the shaadi."