Aarti Chhabria: Winning factor!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, July 27 -- Actor Aarti Chhabria has been declared as the winner of Khatron Ke Khiladi Torchaar Season 4. To most, the victory didn't come as a surprise. About two months ago, almost every publication in the country had carried pictures of Aarti celebrating her win with other contestants from the show.

Aarti says, "Apparently, somebody vicious and without sportsmanlike qualities wanted to sabotage the show or raise its TRPs. I kept calling it a rumour all this while, as I wanted the news to be out on the day of the telecast. But I would surely like to know who gave the news out."

The celebration party pictures in question had Diandra Soares and Kashmira Shah among others. "We didn't have a photographer at the party, which was hosted by Sumit Suri and Kashmira Shah. I didn't even cut the cake. I didn't want to go for the party in spite of being called constantly, as it had gotten really weird for me. In a competition, everybody wants to win, and some present didn't know how to take it when they were celebrating my success."

So now that Aarti has won the show, will it help her dwindling career in Bollywood? "I didn't do the show for my career, I did it for the stunts," she says. "I wanted to overcome my fears and see how strong I am."

Akshay Kumar, who previously worked with Aarti in Awara Paagal Deewana, hosted the show. So, was he instrumental in getting her on the show? "I was called even for the last two seasons. But I wasn't ready. This time, I was mentally prepared," she says.

Aarti's partner in the show, Dhaval Thakur, was also instrumental in her victory. "I promised Aarti that I would get her into the top three, no matter what," he says.