Aarav makes me want to conquer the world: Akshay Kumar


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 20 -- It's Father's Day today and Akshay Kumar couldn't be happier. The hard-working actor is on a cruise, aboard a luxury liner, and enjoying every minute of a well-deserved vacation.

"This means I get to spend Father's Day with Aarav and my wife Tina. I intend to spend more time with my son now because that's what a boy his age needs" he says. Perfect timing! What's the one thing he didn't get as a child that he'd want to gift his son ? "Even though I came from a humble background, I got everything I asked for. My father taught me the value of hard work and I would want to pass that on to Aarav too."

Quiz him on what he'd have gifted his father today, had he still been around, and Akshay says, "I would want to give him my time... More of it. Everything I am today is because of my father. My banner, Hari Om Production, is named after him. They say every man grows up to be his father. I hope that's true for me too."

So is he training Aarav to be a responsible citizen? "He is a responsible child already," dad says proudly. "I was dropping him to his school the other day. We stopped at a signal and a child came begging to us. Aarav gave his lunch box to him. He has a good heart."

Does he see Aarav scaling walls, jumping from 40-floor buildings, hosting a Khatron Ke Khiladi, may be even participating in one such reality show? He admits that his boy shares his love for sport, is physically fit and is always jumping and running around at home.

"Once, when he was very young, while I was talking to him, he suddenly started doing somersaults on the bed. That's when I realised that he had fitness is in his blood," informs Akshay. "Aarav is currently training in parkour and the martial arts. He loves cricket too. We make it a point to play cricket after I get home from shooting."

Will Aarav follow in his father's footsteps and grow up to be an actor too? Akshay insists he will never force his choices on his son. "I want Aarav to have his own space. He's training in parkour only because he enjoys it. I just want him to enjoy his childhood for now."

He adds that Aarav hasn't just changed but has transformed him completely since he entered his life. "I feel more responsible now and have greater respect for my father. Aarav looks at me like I'm his hero and makes me want to go out there and conquer the world."

So which is Aarav's favourite Akshay Kumar movie? Dad laughs, "Fortunately, Aarav loves all my films. He is my best audience and Tina is my worst critic."