Aamir's show delayed!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 22 -- Good morning lemon tarts! It's pouring in the city once again. And I'm delighted. One more drive down to Panchgani won't be such a bad idea in this weather, no? And who knows, this time, I may just bump into someone I'm pretty intrigued by. No prizes for guessing the name! It's Aamir Khan, who's spending a lot of time at the hill station lately!

The latest I hear is that his chat show, that has no name as yet, featuring social issues, is likely to be delayed and will only come on air sometime after the next season of IPL matches or probably towards the next festive window. Aamirji is busy with his tentatively film Dhuan that also features Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherji.

The film's release has been pushed to a date in the second half of the year since a huge chunk is yet to be shot, thanks to the unavailability of the lead actors for various reasons best known to them. And whatever has been shot could be reshot if Mr Khan doesn't approve of it.

My jasoos Sher Lock Holmes says that till the perfectionist actor doesn't complete his movie and work out his marketing plan, he doesn't intend to put his hand into any other big assignment, including the chat show. The chat show is supposed to feature celebrities who support causes, the real heroes who're championing those causes and a couple of short films and documentaries on the subjects.

The show was likely to go the Kiran Bedi way, in the sense that it would end up with a prime time band, four days a week on a leading channel. Hmm, so didn't I hear from somewhere or someone that he had already shot an episode where he was crying on the sets and had his biwi Kiran Rao consoling him?