Aamir's answer is a big NO


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, June 8 -- Aamir Khan won't sign a movie till 2011. Neither will the actor take on any show on TV, including the fourth edition of the reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati. Reason? Khan is too busy with his own productions to spare time for anyone else.

Speaking for the first time since his last movie, 3 Idiots, became a hit, Khan quashes reports of his involvement in various projects, including KBC 4, Mani Ratnam's Lajjo, and Anurag Kashyap and Danny Boyle's Bombay trilogy. "Yes, I was offered KBC 4, but I'm not doing it," he reveals. "I'm too busy with my three upcoming productions, and I don't have the time to take on anything."

Khan, who is perhaps the only A-list Bollywood actor yet to make his TV debut as a host, reasons, "I think TV is an extremely powerful medium, which can be used to entertain or to engage. But, at this point of time, I don't have the bandwidth for it."

The actor has also been linked to Mani Ratnam's revived project, Lajjo, where he's reportedly starring opposite his 3 Idiots co-star Kareena Kapoor. He rebutts, "I was unaware of Lajjo being revived, until I read about it in the newspaper. It was news to me too! As far as I am concerned, talks about Lajjo were over more than two years ago."

Khan, who is producing two movies, Anusha Rizvi's Peepli Live and wife Kiran Rao's, Dhobi Ghaat, in 2010, discloses that he's not looking at any scripts until February 2011, when his third production, Abhinay Deo's Delhi Belly, will release. "I have taken on the responsibility of the films as a producer. So, while I may not be acting in it, Peepli Live is as much my film as 3 Idiots was."

However, the actor admits he met Boyle and Kashyap regarding their Bombay trilogy. "I met Danny just as a friend. He told me about the project and I told him I'll be happy to read the script when it's ready. I'm not committed to Bombay Velvet any more or any less than any other project at this moment." Asked if he's being unfair to directors by not signing films for a year, he laughs, "What about the poor directors who've made three films for me?"