Aamir - SRK solidarity: This was no tamasha!

By Taran Adarsh Bollywood Hungama News Network

I am shocked at the kind of stories a section of the film media cooks up to attract eyeballs, at times. Everyone knows that Aamir and SRK lent their complete and absolute support to the producers/distributors on the multiplex issue. But a section of the media has been discussing: [i] Who delivered a 'better speech', [ii] Who 'looked better', while a few others decided to call it a ‘publicity stunt' [!!!]. It's disgusting!

Aamir and SRK have never stooped so low ever, even when they needed hits to cement their status as superstars. One can vouch for Aamir, SRK, even Hrithik, Saif and Shahid; they'd never pull a stunt to s