Aamir Khan turns down ad offer lacking 'social relevance'


By Hindustan Times

Aamir Khan does everything differently, is common knowledge but this time the actor has taken one step further to retain his philanthropist image.

The Satyamev Jayate host has reportedly turned down a luxury car endorsement worth a 'few crores'.

A source told Mid Day, "Aamir only wants to work on ads that are socially relevant. He is rumoured to have cancelled ad deals amounting to a few crores. He did not sign up for it as it didn’t come under the umbrella of social issues."

Apparently, after signing up as host for social awarness show Satyamev Jayate, the actor had modified his existing contracts and even cancelled some of them.

SatyamevHowever, even months after the show has ended, the A-list star wants to keep up his image of a social crusader.