Aamir Khan signed as the brand ambassador for Monaco biscuits


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

Life is all about moments that are sweet and salty, very much like Parle's famous Monaco biscuits. The commercials of this brand have always been the talk of the town as it very clearly conveys the Sweet and Salty combo in the most subtlest and lucid manner ever!

Well, the latest one to join the sweet and salty moments is the 'Mr. Perfectionist' Aamir Khan, who has been roped in as the Brand Ambassador, his next assignment after Samsung phones!

The ad definitely lives up to the reputation of the brand and leaves the viewer in good 'taste'. The ad shows a political party campaigning for its leader on the road, while Aamir and his friends are in a tearing hurry to cross the road, and they do not want to get late for the film at any cost. Even as they cross the road, they are stopped by one of the cronies of the political leader. That's when Aamir gets his 'salty' elements in place and 'sweetly' manages to cross the road and is even on time for the film!

What a show (stopper) of an ad this is! As of now, we can give you one beeeeeeeeg secret that this has been shot quite sometime back, as Aamir sports a full-grown hairdo in this as, as compared to the by-now-rocking-Ghajini-look that he is sporting these days!

Way to go, Aamir bhai!