Aamir Khan to get fitter for gymnast’s role in Dhoom 3


By Hindustan Times

There has been a lot of hype around Aamir Khan’s new look in Dhoom: 3. And the actor, who plays a gymnast in the film, is now set to get fitter than ever for it. A source reveals, “He’s shown to be quite athletic in the film, so there’s no question of him being bulky. Instead, he will be leaner and fitter than ever before.”

To achieve the look, Aamir has been undergoing a strict diet and vigourous training for a while. In fact, Aamir had earlier told HT Café, “I have six small meals a day and my food is accurately measured. So I know how many calories I am consuming.”

But the actor, who already shot some portions of the film in Chicago a few months ago, broke his diet and fitness schedule when he went on Haj. The source says, “First it was Haj. And now he’s in Thailand to bring in the New Year with wife Kiran and son Azad. So his schedule has gone for a toss.”

But the actor will resume his diet as soon as he returns to the city. The source says, “Aamir’s trainer will come home to help him exercise. The regime will have him work out for two to three hours a day. When he goes back to shooting, he will have the body his character requires.”

This look will be a drastic change from his previous ones. The source says, “With this film, the audience will see his leaner and meaner side.”