Aamir Khan enters Brazil with Fanaa!


By Hindustan Times

Aamir Khan may be currently in Chicago shooting for Dhoom 3. However, he is all set to make his presence felt in Brazil. Fanaa, which had arrived more than half a decade ago, is seeing a theatrical release in the country. What is surprising is that this is one development which has caught even those associated with the film by surprise.

"What is all the more important is that the film is neither seeing a festival release nor is participating as a part of any delegation. It is being given a mainstream release. The film has already released over the weekend gone by and given the number of theaters and shows that have been planned for it, looks like it would be enjoying a long stay", informs our source.

This can be evidenced from the fact that the film has arrived nationwide across various states like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Bahia, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco and Maranhao Federal District. This makes it a massive arrival not just for Aamir but any Bollywood film in the country, given the fact that Fanaa release is being looked at as flagship collaboration between Brazil and India.

When contacted, Kunal Kohli, the film's director, was surprised at the developments. Completely unaware about his biggest commercial success till date finding such a reception in far off Brazil, he could barely conceal his excitement.

"It is news to me and honestly quite fascinating as well", he said, "It is quite humbling to see a film of mine travelling internationally and that too after six years. More than anything else, this is a good piece of news for Indian cinema. I hope the film makes an impact there and opens further doors for the industry."

One wonders how Aamir would react to the news while he enjoys his bike stunts in Chicago.