700 plus prints of Cash to be released


By Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM

If all goes as per plans, Cash will indeed turn out to be cash making

preposition for its investors.

The film is aiming for a mega release on 27th July. Arriving with

anywhere between 700-800 prints worldwide, Cash is going to be one of

the biggest releases of the season.

"That's true", confirms producer Anish Ranjan, "For a big movie like

this, one needs to think big and aim big. We are confident about the

product and ADLABS (who are distributing the film) is pleased with the

result too. They have massive distribution plan for Cash."

Tell him that 700 + prints is an unheard of number, especially when it

comes to a film belonging to action genre, and he says with a smile, "True.

Not just that, in fact Cash is the biggest ever release for an Ajay Devgan

starrer too. I don't remember when was the last time a film of his was

released at such a scale."

Though the promos of the film look quite slick with a promise of an

adrenalin ride, one hopes that it's not the case of entire action being

highlighted in those few seconds. "Don't worry about that", he assures,

"what you see is just a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot which is left

unrevealed and I can promise one whale of a ride in this comic


What about the film's strengths? "The film carries a unique look due to

its shoot in South Africa. Also, the action and stunt sequences are entirely

unseen. We have applied out of the box thinking to make Cash a unique

experience. Mark my words, Cash is going to be an unforgettable

experience for the viewers worldwide," says Anish before signing off.