700 pigeons set free in Awarapan!


By IndiaFM News Bureau

Director Mohit Suri has symbolically used the Islamic teachings of freedom and liberation through his characters Shivam, Reema Zaidi and Aliyah Hamid in his forthcoming film, Awarapan.

"The film focuses on how Shivam perseveres to get Reema the freedom she yearns for, with Aliyah as his reference point," says Suri. "My mother is half Muslim. I have read about how Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) freed the slaves of Mecca and Madina. I've only tried using that teaching in a figurative sense through my actors' actions."

One of the actions implying liberation is used by actress Shreya Saran (Aliyah Hamid) in the Maula Maula song when she sets a pigeon free, as seen in the promos. "Actually, more than 700 pigeons have been freed in the film," reveals Mohit. "Most of them during Maula Maula in Jodhpur. Others were set free in various scenes of the film in Hong Kong and Bangkok."