6 degrees of style with John Abraham


By IndiaFM

Monikkers like 'Uncle' and 'father of modern Indian biking' apart, John Abraham retains his place as a youth icon.

Think John Abraham, and you either picture the dapper Jai Mittal of Taxi No 9211, or Dhoom's chic Kabir. Hardly surprising then, that his name has become synonymous with a unique kind of style: laidback, yet elegant.

Taking time off from a shoot for the new Biker's range of eyewear from Timex Fasttrack, Abraham spoke about his sense of style, his label and how he doesn't mind being called 'Uncle'.

What makes him tick as an ambassador for youth products:
I think I have been where the youth is today, in terms of life in school, college and achieving aspirations. In that sense, I think I am able to connect with them. On his personal style statement:
I recently received a comment from someone who said I dressed very simply. As an afterthought that same person then said, maybe that's what appeals to the youth. That's my style, simple, but very cool.

On his line of clothing, called John Abraham:
I am wearing my own pair of jeans right now. Whenever my name is attached to any product, I get involved in the whole cause. The line, John Abraham, also has my similar involvement. It's a niche line, and when it was launched, we took a decision to market it through word of mouth, and the response that we had was amazing.

How he sees his brand develop:
Celebrity clothing lines are very popular abroad, and the ones that are the most popular aren't the ones that advertise the most. John Abraham as a name can sound international, and for me the challenge is to be different, be it the films I am doing or the clothing line.

Whether he has been called Uncle after the success of a recent commercial:
Yes. And I have had a good laugh about it myself. I believe you must be able to take potshots at yourself, and be sporting about it, and I am like that. There's no point in being a self-loving narcissist.

On his association with the Biker Range:
For some reason, someone once called me the father of modern Indian biking. People come to me for advice on bikes. Jokes apart, my association with the brand has been a good one. This new range is aimed at youngsters. When they buy glasses, the style quotient always takes precedence over safety. This product combines both the qualities.