25 kids make it to DID Li'l Masters!


By Hindustan Times

Twenty-five children, several of them from North-East and one from Nepal, sailed to the mega final of DID Li'l Masters II, the premier dance reality show on the telly, in the eastern region audition here.

The children, in the age bracket of 5-13 years, were picked up as the panel of celebrity judges - famed Bollywood choreographers Master Geeta Kapur and Master Marzi Pestonji -watched the little ones and mentored as they made deft steps on stage and showed remarkable stage presence, amazing at such young age.

The children included Babu Sangma from Meghalaya, Shalini Moitra from Ranchi, Padmini Patnaik from Bhubaneshwar, Om Chezty from Dispur, Assam's Karbi Anglong district, Bir Sherpa from Silchar, Arpita Dutta from Guwahati, Pratistha Poudel from Nepal and Krishnakanta Singh from Imphal, Manipur.

"We are amazed at the sheer scale of talent at the audition in Kolkata, known as the land of 'kalakars'. We had to raise the number restriction limit from about 10 to 25 as the eastern leg competition standard was really high.

From hip-hop, contemporary, to the pure classical form, many of the children had shown real skills, though these certainly need to be brushed up," Marzi Pestonji told reporters during an audition break on Friday afternoon.

To another query about many child talents fizzling out in the later phase of life, Geeta Kapur said, "we always tell parents don't push the child, be little more patient to allow them grow and acquire the art fully. "We implore the parents, many of them real pushy, not to overdo things and refrain from instant gratification," she said.

On the need to treat the tender-minded little ones in a humane way, Kapur said "yes. We have to certainly ensure the respective child is not bombarded with negative feedback and dealt with encouraging words, like we will definitely see you in the next episode. We have to ensure the child doesn't see it as an end of the world and have to more counsel the heart-broken ambitious parents who seem to be in greater hock than their wards."

Zee TV was conducting auditions across several towns and cities in India including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Patna, Dehradun, Indore, Vadodara and Raipur among others.

The first season made a winner out of Jeetumoni, who bagged the show's ultimate coveted Golden Super Wings but was flooded with offers to perform and showcase his dance prowess.