2007 mid-year music report - Unpredictability IN, routine OUT

By Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM

Mid-year analysis always leads to certain interesting trends. The same

happens in case of the music analysis too as it is quite apparent that except

for a stray album or two, what seemed to be working most was a new

sound. Unpredictability was in, curtains were down on anything that was

routine. Not that 2007 has boasted of a dozen odd exceptional albums;

that's certainly not the case, but one still looks on to the rest of the year

with anticipation of something bigger and even better on the way. Till then

one continues to sing along 'In Dino' and 'Alvida'!

Note: Salaam E Ishq and Guru are not included since the music

released in 2006

1. Metro [Pritam]

Pritam easily leads the pack here, not just quality wise but even

quantity. This is the reason why he dominates throughout the list with his

musical score occupying as many as three slots - Metro, Awarapan and

Hat Trick. Beginning with Metro, Pritam certainly succeeded in bringing on

a new sound, and that too with extraordinary results, as his rock score

became an instant chartbuster and till date continues to enthrall the

audience not just across the country but worldwide. An experiment of

coming up with a rock band worked and he along with Anurag Basu gave

us delightful tracks like 'In Dino', 'Alvida' and 'Rishtey'.

2. Namastey London [Himesh Reshammiya]

It was a slow start for a soundtrack that had Himesh Reshammiya's

name on the credit. It wasn't surprising though since he had refrained from

churning out tunes that were characteristic of his style and instead

experimented with his sound. Coming together with Javed Akhtar saab

worked and results were for everyone to be seen. The album picked up

after a slow start, especially after the release of the film, and currently is

one of the most successful albums of the year, both commercially and

critically. While 'Chakna Chakna' was being hailed as the track that would

go the maximum distance, what worked [rightly so] was the all around

success of soft tracks like 'Main Jahaan Rahoon' [superb], 'Viraaniya'

[pensive] and 'Yehi Hota Pyaar' [delightful]. The album truly boasted of


3. The Train [Mithoon]

Much has been said about the arrival of this new composer on the

Bollywood music front but in the middle of the year Mithoon deserves yet

another round of applause for carrying on the good work ever since he first

came into limelight with 'Tere Bin' [Bas Ek Pal] last year. With his first full

fledged soundtrack for The Train, he showed his versatility as a

composer/singer by creating one superb number after another. If 'Woh

Ajnabee' made you dance along, 'Mausam' had you thinking about life. If

'Teri Tamanna' was the one for the party, 'Beete Lamhein' was

introspective. Last heard, he was been hailed as one of the most sought

composer over this side of the year.

4. Cash [Vishal Shekhar]

Just around the time when the second half of the year has begun

comes the score of Cash that is bound to wake you up from sleep if

played on. Energetic, loud, foot tapping, peppy, 'masala-mix' and total

time-pass, this soundtrack by Vishal-Shekhar bears their stamp all the way.

Both come together to do what they are best at, i.e. go totally wild and

create a new sound while being aided by technology and modern-day

gadgetry. A score that is a mix of everything from hip-hop to rock to rap

to even Indian melody, Cash also sees arrival of Vishal Dadlani taking over

his role as a singer seriously by dominating the album. Watch out for

'Naughty Naughty' and 'Naa Puchho' - they are bound to make their

presence felt in days to come.

5. Aap Kaa Surroor [Himesh Reshammiya]

To begin with it all seemed tried and tested. In fact there was even

some disappointment to begin with as expectations were of extraordinary

nature considering the fact that Aap Kaa Surroor was Himesh's debut

movie as an actor. But once the album was played on for a few days with

extensive promotion only helping the case, it was difficult to ignore songs

like 'Tere Bina', 'Tera Mera Milna' and 'Jhooth Nahi Bolna'. Meanwhile

there was always a 'Tanhaiyaan' to rely upon.

6. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom [Shankar Ehsaan Loy]

How much one wishes that 'Bol Na Halke Halke' would have got much

more recognition than it actually gained? How much one wishes that the

choreography of the song belonged to the same standards as that of 'Suraj

Hua Maddham' [K3G]? How much does one wishes that the song was

placed in a much better situation in the movie than compared to it's

otherwise atrocious placement? Nevertheless, there would be ifs and buts

but still Jhoom Barabar Jhoom by Shankar Ehsaan Loy would go down as

a popular album. Also question remains if Daler Mehendi would have

sounded better than Shankar Mahadevan? One can't say that but the album

surely would be remembered for its superb title song choreographed on

Amitabh Bachchan.

7. Awarapan [Pritam, Mustafa Zahid, Annie, Rafaquat Ali Khan]

Bhatts have been known for churning out musicals at an amazing

regularity. The same was expected from Awarapan too and though the

album did boast of at least a couple of chartbusters, they surprisingly

didn't go an extra distance as they deserved! Also, while the promotion

was primarily centered on 'To Phir Aao' and 'Mahiya' [both were good

though], the song which was the best of all that was offered, 'Tera Mera

Rishta', came a little too late. With Pakistani composers [Mustafa Zahid,

Annie, Rafaquat Ali Khan] at the helm of the proceedings and Pritam

coming in mainly as an arranger, Awarapan was an album that deserved

much better.

8. Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. [Vishal Shekhar]

Just like Awarapan, even Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd deserved a

much better fate at the music stands. One of the first albums of the year to

have made a mark for itself, it surprisingly didn't get much attention except

for its superhit number 'Sajnaji Vari Vari'. The song was rocking indeed

and can be now heard in million remix versions across the country's dance

floors, but how one wishes that immensely melodious 'Halke Halke' would

have got it's due. 'Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani' and 'Albela Albela' got noticed but

audience didn't give any of them a treatment similar to that of 'Sajnaji'. A

classic case of a single track eclipsing everything else in an album!

9. Ta Ra Rum Pum [Vishal Shekhar]

Unlike Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd, the music of Ta Ra Rum Pum

worked collectively rather than relying on a single track. Whether it was the

title song or 'Hey Shona' or 'Ab To Forever' or 'Saiyaan' - none of them

went on to be the chartbuster of the season but as a compilation took the

album post the success mark. Ironically, the music was panned on its

release and was even considered to be the reason behind the film's so-

called-ordinary opening. Well, audiences had mind of their own as first

they took the film past the safety mark and in parallel also made the music a

success. Result is that even till date, the music sits in Top-5 of the charts

and continue to register handsome sales.

10. Hat Trick [Pritam]

Terrible when it came to performance at the music stands, Hat Trick

had some of the best tracks by Pritam that unfortunately went completely

unnoticed. And no, we are not talking about 'Rabba Khair Kare'. In fact

this was the very number that resulted in the unawareness of the album as a

whole as throughout the film's promotion this 'bhangra' track was the only

one that was heard. Result was that some of the most beautiful songs [both

musically and lyrically] like 'Ek Pal Mein', 'Kahan Kho Gaya' and 'I Am

Coming Home' went unnoticed. One waits in hope that one day the album

would get its due!

Apart from the Top-10 albums as mentioned above, there were some

other songs that also made a mark, most notable being as follows:

'It's Rocking' - Kya Love Story Hai
'Laaree Choote' - 1:40 Ki Last Local
'Shakalaka Boom Boom' - Shakalaka Boom Boom
'Ae Ganpat' - Shootout At Lokahndwala
'Cheeni Kum', 'Baaten Hawa' - Cheeni Kum
'Aafreen' - Red
'Sehlenge Hum' - 1971
'Rozana Jiye' - Nishabd
'Kitni Der Tak', 'Ae Gori' - Delhii Heights
'Ae Dil' - Naqab
'Baat Pakki' - Just Married
'Chanda Re' - Eklavya