10 dances that made you flock the theatres ...

By Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM

imageMovies may

come and movies may go, trends may emerge and they may fade, but what

will never change is Bollywood's love for its songs and dances. After

all this is what makes us different from the rest of the world! There

were number of eye pleasing dances in the year gone by. Some were

sensual, some were classy, some were funky while some were downright


1) Jhalak Dikhlaja - Aksar

Undoubtedly the most 'watched' song of the year! When 'Jhalak

Dikhlaja' was heard first, there were no doubts that the song would

lead to a chartbuster status. After all the song had enough credentials

to be popular just with a great tune by Himesh Reshammiya and Emraan

Hashmi to boost. The song came on air, the movie released and the song

turned into a smashing success. Such has been the success of the song

that it finds a place in every VCD/DVD song compilation and is quite

popular even today over all satellite TV music channels. The song

rocked in a big way and though there were no vigorous dance steps, it

was sheer attitude and Hashmi's presence that made 'Jhalak Dikhlaja' as

it is today!

2) Beedi - Omkara

When the song came on screen first, it seemed that it would work

mainly in the interiors. Today, it is heard in the most up market

Indians pubs and discs in India and abroad. One wonders if even the

song's choreographer would have ever thought the song would be such a

rage across the globe. Bipasha Basu may have been dancing to a tune set

in rural India but not even one finger can point to her saying that she

was vulgar or indecent. Now that's what a class actress at the helm of

affairs for such a song makes a difference. Any other lesser mortal and

'Beedi' may have been a sleaze show all the way!

3) Zara Jhoom Jhoom - Tom, Dick and Harry

When Tom, Dick and Harry released, not many said that they were

venturing into the theaters to watch Dino Morea, Jimmy Shergill and

Arjun Sawhney wear their Tom, Dick and Harry caps! They said that they

were going in to watch 'Zara Jhoom Jhoom'! And if the movie turned out

to be good then it was just an added bonus. Well, even the makers and

the music company seemed to be in a know-how of this and that could

well be the reason why majority of publicity campaign of the film

revolved around this very number. Excitingly choreographed with nice

moves, good lighting and stylish setting, 'Jhoom Jhoom' till date makes

one go 'jhoom'!

4) Humko Maaloom Hai - Jaan E Mann

Power of subtlety! That was the underlining strength of songs in

Jaan-E-Mann. With an entire movie set on a Broadway theme, it was quite

challenging to treat each song as different within the film's context.

For those who have been bred on Bollywood for decades, it was quite a

refreshing change to see a new approach being adopted for

choreographing 'Humko Maaloom Hai'. Well, this was not all as songs

like 'Ajnabi Shehar' and 'Sau Dard Hai' which may otherwise have been

one of those routine background tracks, too stood out, all thanks to

choreographer's innovative ideas that made them cut above the rest.

5) Zinda Hoon Main - Zinda

How can one forget one of the most stylish songs coming from

Bollywood stable? 'Zinda Hoon Main' may have started playing towards

the end of 2005 but by the time the film released in 2006, the song had

indeed caught up the heart, courtesy Ms. Lara Dutta's sensual moves

amidst a glass set! One doesn't expect a routine job from director

Sanjay Gupta and 'Zinda Hoon Main' was no different as experimentation

and style merged to deliver one of the most international-looking music

videos that has ever been witnessed in India.

6) Golmaal - Golmaal

Beach, babes and bikes - Lethal combination of each of these three

formed an integral part of a great outing called 'Golmaal Golmaal' that

played at the beginning of the film. Setting context of what's up in

store for the rest of the film, the title song is one of the glossiest

numbers ever seen with some fresh dance steps that were trendy, hip-

hop, sensual and never once vulgar even with 100 odd semi-clad women

around. No wonder, the song still graces the music channels every now

and then!

7) Guitar - Apna Sapna Money Money

If you have lived in the 80s and early 90s, you know what Govinda

and Anil Kapoor used to offer in their films. If not, you would know

about that it after watching the song 'Dil Mein Baji Guitar' from the

film Apna Sapna Money Money. The song was designed in two phases - one

with Riteish Deshmukh as a hero with Koena Mitra as his female partner

and the other where Riteish was the female partner of Anupam Kher.

While Ritiesh had a great time jiving around in red pants a la Govinda

in a stage that was set in a shopping mall, Anupam Kher too didn't miss

out on action as his libido was on an overdrive with Riteish making all

the right inviting gestures. Result? A masala number all the way for

the masses.

8) Aaj Ki Raat - Don

How much can simple facial expressions and subtle body language

convey through a dance? A lot if one looks, and then re-looks, at the

lounge number 'Aaj Ki Raat'. It may have been a situational track in

the film but fact cannot be denied that 'Aaj Ki Raat' was the most

defining tracks of the lot. A number where Priyanka Chopra and Isha

Koppikar tried to be on top of each other with each believing that they

knew the real Don, it was King Khan's entry towards the middle of the

song on the glass stage which proved who was the best of the lot. And

no, we didn't really mind the 70s style bubble effect on the frames!

9) Aashique Ye Meri - 36 China Town

Second track in the best choreographed songs to be featuring Isha

Koppikar, 'Aashique Ye Meri' was the song that brought Upen Patel to

your living room. Loads of attitude, loads of style, an innovative

stage, great tune and some eye pleasing moves - each of these combined

together to make 'Aashique Ye Meri' a song that would be remembered for

many more years. And yes, there was a Kareena/Shahid/Akshaye version of

the song too that rocked the show!

10) Sini Ne - Jawani Diwani

It's a pity that the song didn't get what it deserved! One of the

best music videos ever created for a Bollywood film, 'Sini Ne'

(although inspired) was the most rocking number in Jawani Diwani and

boasted of some cool funky dance steps. Emraan Hashmi didn't dance

around the stage for this one! He just stood there and made his face,

body language and last but not the least, some trendy costumes and

accessories do the talking. Rest was left to a dozen odd hot bods in

the background to add on the effect and lo, a sexy song was born!


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